Buy Actovegin, everything you should know

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To buy Actovegin, one should know what it is used for and what it is. Actovegin is a brand name of biological medication manufactured by company called Takeda, it has been used to treat variety of sports injuries and other conditions for decades. Controlled environment ( in vitro) researches have shown how this medicine potentially could work.

In this article I will take a look into

  • Most notable researches of Actovegin
  • How to use Actovegin
  • What  Actovegin is used for
  • How to buy Actovegin
  • Other relevant and interesting information about Actovegin

Actovegin has consistently shown its potential in reducing the time necessary to recover from muscle injury in elite athletes therefore if you are an athlete It could be wise to buy actovegin and try it. Interestingly it was banned for some time by International Olympic Committee . This ban was not based on scientific research and was lifted shortly after because of insufficient evidence.

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What is Actovegin?

Actovegin is a biological pharmaceutical product which is manufactured from deproteinised calf serum. Or to put it more simply, it is ultra purified calf’s blood. Takeda’s ( Actovegin  manufacturing company) exceptional quality standards and collection of  5 decades long clinical research reinforces hypothesis about its effectives. Actovegin is not the first substance of its kind, in the late 1950’s Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) was found to have bunch of interesting properties for biological research. FBS is serum which is sourced from bovine fetuses. This serum has been studied extensively and is used widely in biological research and vaccine production. FBS is well known for sustaining overall health of cells therefore there is a good basis to think that Actovegin could be similar to this substance with great history in human use.

Currently it is not completely clear which is the active part of Actovegin solution and its mechanisms of work. Its effects are more than likely because of active ingredient mixture not because just one component. The good thing about it and big argument against it being a doping is the fact that it has been shown not to contain growth factor or hormone-like substances which  WADA considers to be strong doping agents. On other hand there is evidence that Actovegin promotes oxidative metabolism and protects cells from oxidative stress, now this is something news worthy. This directly indicates that Actovegin could be used to enhance ones performance and this could be the argument you are looking for to convince yourself to buy Actovegin.

One particular research I found is very interesting because of its findings in field of muscle injuries. Researchers intentionally damaged muscle cells with special substance and then treated those cells with Actovegin and analysed its impact on those cells. They found out that those cells had higher activity therefore drawing a conclusion that Actovegin could help enhance sports performance.  

Recently muscle injury treatment with growth factors has shown some promising results but these treatments are not available for pro athletes because these substances increase performance and are banned. Therefore it is logical that athletes and their doctors are looking to use biological medication like Actovegin . One would say how you can buy Actovegin if it is not sold locally in your pharmacy, you just have to find an online vendor who ships to your location.

What effect Actovegin has on muscle injury?

The first scientific paper which showed promising results for muscle injury treatment with Actovegin was published in 1990 and it showed that injury recovery time was reduced from 8.3 weeks to 5.5 weeks. This is a significant decrease, these are almost whole 3 weeks which athlete could use for training which without Actovegin would be lost.

There is other much more recent study published in 2011. In this study footballers from the same football club were treated with Actovegin and showed that athletes could return to playing the game 8 days earlier than those who did not use Takeda’s product.

The fact that Actovegin has shown notable positive effects on muscle injury recovery in several researches suggests that Actovegin is a great aid in overall recovery after workouts.

What Actovegin is used for ?

Actovegin has potential not only in treating muscle injury but also in several different fields. Because of its protective effects on different injured cells , it has potential to be an supplemental treatment for cancer. One research has discussed the benefits of using Actovegin in treating osteoarthritis as well. You can  buy actovegin and potentially use it for following conditions:

Actovegin is used for:


  • To treat cerebral circulation.
  • For metabolic disorders
  • In case of trauma to the head
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Different types of blood circulation conditions
  • Skin transplanting
  • Wound healing
  • Treating burns, bedsores
  • Corneal and conjunctivitis lesions
  • Older medics in Eastern Europe use Actovegin for treating wounds in female patients after childbirth.
  • Professional and recreational athletes use it on regular basis to recover after workouts

Depending on doctor and his experience, it is possible that Actovegin is prescribed and used for other conditions as well like vasculitis. In Eastern Europe actovegin tablets are very popular amongst older people, they use it to improve their memory and cognitive function.


How to use Actovegin?

You can buy Actovegin in several forms, Actovegin in manufactured in tablet form and injection form. The most popular product is Actovegin tablets, each package has 50 tablets each containing 200mg of Actovegin. Then there is several forms as Actovegin injections package with 5 ampoules, each containing 400mg of Actovegin , package with 5 ampoules each containing 200mg of Actovegin and 25 ampoules each contains 80mg of Actovegin.

The use of actovegin depends on what kind of actovegin you have bought. If you have Actovegin tablets, they should be used three times a day before or after you eat with a small amount of water , take 1-2 tablets in one time. Usually they are taken for is 1-1.5 months and then the benefits are evaluated , some doctors prescribe it to be taken for much longer.

Actovegin liquid solution is used in vein, artey or muscle. The starting amount  is 10-20 ml per day, after that dosage is reduced to 5-10 ml per day. The duration of usage is determined by specific condition. In conditions of brain circulation and metabolism disease, it is at least a month, in case of ischemic stroke , it is three weeks. In situations when  ulcers or burns are treated , specialist should evaluate the speed of the healing process and decide the treatment length


Actovegin in professional sports

It is no secret that Actovegin is popular among top athletes.

In the huge doping scandal of Lance Armstrong it came to light that he was using lots of different medications to enhance his performance among which there was Actovegin. In fact this was the event that triggered WADA to ban Actovegin for small period of time.

There is some evidence that Actovegin injections has been used in top world class football clubs like Bayern.

Perhaps the loudest scandal which has been tied to Actovegin is arrest of medical sports doctor Anthony Galea. He was allegedly providing world’s top athletes with performance enhancing drugs – Actovegin and Human growth hormone. Although the real extent of his practices was never discovered , his client list provides a glimpse on how many high  level athletes he has possibly treated with Actovegin. His clients are golfer Tiger Woods,Olympic medalist swimmer Dara Torres, possibly the greatest Canadian sprinter Donavan Bailey, figure skater Patrick Chan, baseball player Huston Street and many more notable world class sportists.