Buy Actovegin Europe, it is accessible and easy.

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Actovegin is a substance which historically was manufactured by medical company in Austria, this company was “ Nycomed” . Nowadays it is still manufactured in plants in Austria and in Germany as well only now the company is called “Takeda”. There is another manufacturing plant and it is in Russia , products manufactured there are meant for Russian market and rarely make to European market.

Although it is manufactured and sold in Europe, not all of us can buy Actovegin in Europe In local pharmacies. Officially Actovegin is sold in few countries in EU. It can be bought locally in Latvia, Lithuania. Germany and Austria. Interestingly enough the status of different types of Actovegin products differ and also the availability differ. The most popular, altough not the most effective, forim of Actoveginis Actovegin 200mg tablets. Tablets can be bought in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania, they are not available in Austria, they are considered as prescription in Germany but non-prescription, over the counter in Latvia and Lithuania. The lack of side effects indicates that it should be a non-prescription indeed as it is in Baltics.

There are other possible forms of Actovegin besides tablets and they are injections which comes in various forms

  1. 5 ampoules, each containing 400mg of Actovegin;
  2. 5 ampoules each containing 200mg of Actovegin;
  3. 25 ampoules each contains 80mg of Actovegin.

Nevertheless the possible side effects ( which are extremely rare and are almost exclusively – possibility of allergic reaction as in any other new substance that one uses), injections are a prescription. Because injections in general are prescriptions, distilled water in ampoules also are a prescription. These forms are available in all the countries which sell Actovegin which I mentioned before.

It is possible to buy Actovegin in Europe online, there a lot of vendors who sell Actovegin . Actovegin is not rare in those countries where it is sold and is not extremely expensive nor it has any properties which would make it interesting for dealing on the streets thus it is extremely unlikely that there are knockoffs. Most of knockoffs in medicine industry are seen in drugs which are very expensive, sedatives or fake drugs, non of these properties do not apply to Actovegin. The best way to buy Actovegin in Europe is to choose vendor which ships from Europe, ships from the country where it is sold directly and gives an option for escrow as PayPal.