Actovegin cream, how to buy online

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Actovegin cream , easy to buy online and can be tremendously effective. There are 2 brands of Actovegin cream which are the same - product Actovegin and Solcoseryl, thus do not worry if you can not find a product called  Actovegin cream because Solcoseryl cream is the same product with the same active ingredient.


What  Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) cream is used for?


Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) ointment often called gel or cream is a  very safe and effective preparation with proven track record for 5 decades, it is sold as over the counter product. It is widely used as emergency remedy In order to speed up healing of cuts , wounds, minor injuries, abrasions and skin inflammation. Solcoseryl cream often is used for the treatment of different types of ulcers and in situations where tissue regeneration is beneficial like skin burns and radiation related tissue damage. In summary if you have any kind of minor skin damage, your go to remedy should be Actovegin cream, buy it online with ease.

Actovegin cream wound



Real world experience stories about  Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) cream


There are 2 options when it comes to understanding the effects of certain medications or substances. First being scientific studies where professionals look at the substance in various ways and draw conclusions other being so called anecdotal evidence or in other words the experience of people who have used it.

There are tons of reviews and experience stories regarding Actovegin (Solcoseryl) cream online, one women praises Actovegin cream for its miracle like properties for healing hers vein ulcer.

I have been dealing with a vein ulcer for over 9 months and no change only got bigger. Starting using Solcoseryl( Actovegin)  cream for 3 weeks now and the ulcers is almost closd, this cream did in 3 weeks what doctors can’t do in almost a year Highly recommended it works


Another women who has been struggling with leg ulcer, describes her experience with Actovegin (Solcoseryl) gel:


I have a venous leg ulcer that has not healed for months on end. Bought so many things in desperation, Manuka honey, aloe vera gel, Terrasil, etc...but nothing seemed to work until I tried this. It starts to seal and heal within a couple of days. Important to allow it to air dry after applying, since it acts similar to a glue and you dont want it to stick to your dressing and then peel off when you change the dressing. Long story short, my ulcer is finally healing and sealing.

Different happy review describes how it has helped him for several occasions for decades apparat.


In the year 1979 I have applicate Solcoseryl and skin healed in ONE NIGHT! Now I have some bigger wound on the leg and doctor did use  antibiotic tablets with no luck. But Actovegin cream did the trick! Thank You much for this medicine!


These kind of reviews of Actovegin-Solcoseryl are not uncommon for Actovegin cream bought online, it seems to be very effective against various types of ulcers. It is not surprising that people who have fighting with ulcers and wounds which does not heal properly are very happy to leave their positive experience online after finally healing. If you have some skin issue, you are struggling with, then you should at least try Actovegin cream, buy it online HERE.

The science behind Actovegin cream.

One of the first studies researching the impact of Actovegin on wound healing was done in year 1967. Researchers experimentally studied the wound healing process. They found out that wounds treated with Actovegin healed faster than control group’s wounds, they healed 2 days faster compared to wounds that were not treated with Actovegin. 

Later in year 1989 other scientist, inspired by the first study of Actovegin, did more direct series of experiments and they also showed that Actovegin significantly supports wound healing.

Few years later different group of smart biologists assessed the growth-promoting effect of Actovegin  and once again concluded that Actovegin does in fact help with wound healing.


Wound healing 101 with Actovegin

Wound healing 101, the process of wound healing heavily depends on the capacity of single cells moving into wounded area and the possibility of them replicating. This made scientist to study how Actovegin effects this simple but necessary process for wound healing. Unsurprisingly they found that  cell migration to wounded area is highly and significantly affected by adding Actovegin to the mix. Needless to say that Actovegin affected the process positively.

The wound healing in reality is a complex process with many moving parts, one other widely know part of this process is immunity. If you think about it, it makes sense since wounds can be a potential entry point for infection. Since Actovegin has considerable positive effects on wound healing, it possibly can impact immune cells as well. This logic sparked a number of studies in this field and they found out that Actovegin has a simulative effect on certain immune cells but more research is needed to understand more about Actovegin potential in immune response.

Radiation damage and Actovegin


Interestingly studying treatment of radiation induced damage in tissue with substance of interest is somewhat a gold standard in pharmacological field. Therefore Actovegin has been researched in this manner as well. There has been many studies where effects of radiation on animals and treatment with Actovegin has been done. Not all studies show the same results but most studies positive effect of Actovegin could be shown. One research irradiated rats with lethal dose of gamma radiation and treated them with Actovegin, they showed that rats who were treated with Actovegin had a better survival rate. These experiments led to new studies where effects of Actovegin in respect to radiation were studied in microscopic level, these studies showed that Actovegin not only protects the cells from damage in general but also from DNA damage in cell nucleus.

Actovegin cream buy online

Actovegin (Solcoseryl) cream is a perfectly safe cream to use, it has been used for many decades and proven that it has many uses. For me it is not clear why it is not used more widely and adopted in more countries. Even so it is relatively easily available online. If one should have one remedy in their medical kit for minor skin problems, it should be Actovegin cream, buy it online and keep it , the chances are you will use it soon.