How and where to buy actovegin injections

Posted by John Doe 18/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Actovegin has very interesting status not only because right now it is allowed by World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) but also because the effectiveness and the working principles of this substance is still being discussed among professionals in health care. There are some doctors who claim that it is bogus but those who do are most commonly from parts of the world where it is not sold nor used. Thus these individuals are only theorizing about something that they haven't even seen or prescribed to anyone. In the mean time people in Northern Europe and Russia are using Actovegin for various conditions with notable success and they can also buy Actovegin injections in local pharmacies.

Actovegin is and can be used in variety of conditions. The most common uses are for increasing blood flow to brain . It used in case of strokes and recovering from burns , old school health care professionals especially in Russia use Actovegin for treating wounds in female patients after childbirth. Actovegin has also become very popular among professional and semi professional athletes in case of injuries to recover faster and in every day use to recover after workouts, the most effective form is injections/ampules.

It can be hard for athletes and potential patients to buy Actovegin injections because they are available only within pats of Europe and Russia. One can but Actovegin tablets and injections in Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. There are different forms of Actovegin injections available for sale with different amounts of active ingredients and different count of ampules in package. The general rule of concentration is that there is 40miligrams of active ingredient in one milliliter of Actovegin. These are the types of Actovegin injections which are available in pharmacies: 80mg 2ml ampules 25 picks in one package, 200mg 5ml 5 picks in package, 400mg 10ml 5 picks in package. The dosage is different from usage and the general conception as with other substances, is to start slow and then increase the dosage. There is almost non side effect recorded for this substance but there always is a possibility of allergic reaction.

It could be difficult for citizens of any other European country as people from all other regions where Actovegin is not available locally to get hands on this WADA legal and effective medicine. It is difficult only if one does not know the proper ways. The proper ways being reliable online vendors preferably who ship from inside of EU , this is more safer for several reasons. Mainly because EU has more strict standards on virtually every business aspect. In order to understand what one is buying , I will mention that Actovegin is a brand name and is owned by big company called Takeda, Actovegin used to be manufactured by Nycomed till Takeda bought Nycomed company some years back.