Inventor of Meldonium Mildronate

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Prof., Dr. chem. hab. Ivars Kalvins is the scientist behind Meldonium with brand name Mildronate®, who invented this anti-ischemic medicine back in 1970’s.

In 1969 Kalvins graduated from Faculty of Chemestry in Latvian University, Latvia which at the tome was occupied by Soviet Union and in 1985 defended a habiliation at Saint Petersburg.


Academic sceintist Ivars Kalvins is a former director of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis and is recognized as one of the leading Latvian and European scientists in his field. 

Mr Kalvins’s interests of inventing include new physiologically active substances for CNS, cardiovascular and oncologic diseases. Heterocyclic compounds and amino acid analogues in chemistry, biochemical mechanisms of action for new medicinal material, immunochemistry.

Prof. Kalvins has invented not only  Mildronate®, but also of several other significant healthcare products, eg, anticancer immune-stimulant Leakadine, anticancer drug Belinostate, anti-inflammatory preparation OX-MPI, Nerameksan for Alzheimer’s disease.

He is an author of many high quality publications and a leader of numerous tematic scientific projects.

Ivars Kalvins has been granted with a significant amount of awards both localy in Latvia and internationaly, including WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Award Certificate that awarded Prfesor Kalvins as the Best Inventor in 2005. In 2015, Mr Kalvins was nominated for the European Inventor Award in the lifetime achievement category which is one of the most prestige awards one could imagine in this field.


Profesor Ivars Kalvins is also a Member of the Senate of Latvian Academy of Sciences, Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts.



Possibilty of Meldonium ban reversal


Meldonium was banned from professional sports in early 2016. This means that WADA will review this ban in end of the year 2019. Since the ban, WADA and scientific community has failed to provide solid proof of performance enhancing properties of Meldonium. This is why some are beginning to speculate that this ban was motivated by Russian sport practices in general (1) not the properties of substance.

The man behind Meldonium, recently made an comment that Meldonium ban could be lifted as soon as the end of year 2019.

 "WADA was already forced to retreat twice on decisions regarding Meldonium, but the third resignation will be is that Mildronate will be removed from the Prohibited List for good" (2)

Professor has planned a meeting with WADA officials in September of year 2019 . Meeting will take place in Canada and they will discuss end of the ban for Meldonium in sports.


Meldonium father invents again

Recently Ivars Kalvins came up with yet another innovative medicine , this time medicine does not work on oxygen metabolism. This new drug is meant to help people suffering from addiction from alcohol.

This new medication works can be described as following. Biologically active substances, which are derived from natural plants developed by Latvian scientists act on the brain, stimulating natural synthesis of hormone of happiness. These substances also positively impacts various systems of human body  - nervous system, liver, digestive system, restoring body's immune system. This new product is called FACCEX and currently is only available in home country of Ivars Kalvins – Latvia.