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B Vitamin Complex

B Vitamin is a group of vitamins which are very important for metabolism in cells  and could cause of variety of conditions.  Separate  B vitamin supplements are called to by number they represent and name of each vitamin: B1 or thiamine,B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niaci.  B1 deficiency can result in disease of the nervous system and it can include weight problems, emotional disturbances, weakness and pain in the limbs and periods of irregular heartbeat. B Vitamin in large doses is found to have analgesic effect and in liquid form is used as effective pain relief for back pain. For most B Vitamins there has been no side effects observed and no toxicity thus its safe for using. The solid state form is common and non prescription but the most effective product is Neurorubine B vitamin complex. Since B vitamin has vary rare side effects also the prescription form one could buy B Vitamin injections ampules Neurorubine online without problems.

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Neurorubine ampoules N10 3ml

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Neurorubine Forte Lactab N20 contains large dose of  3 B vitamin groups, these vitami..