Buy Actovegin in Canada is not so hard as one could expect.

Posted by John Doe 07/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

I want to buy Actovegin in Canada but I cant, this is something that good friend told me recently over the phone. We did start off by discussing performance enhancing substances (PED) and we argued about which ones are harmful and which ones are not, also we had a good discussion about the safety of variety of drugs.

What is Actovegin?

He told me that he has researched extensively PEDs in the past and arrived at conclusion that there are only handful not harmful substances which also are allowed by Olympic committee and World’s anti doping agency. One of these substances is Actovegin, this substance is made from blood, yes you heard me, it is made from calf blood! But dont worry it is not so horrific as it sounds, it is manufactured from calf blood by filtering blood from this particular animal and isolating parts of it which are useful for human body. The end product is cocktail of protein and oxygen. Also this drug have been used and prescribed for decades in part of European Union , EU has high quality standards and strict restrictions regarding medicine manufacturing . Thus it is a good indicator of safety of this drug and it should be allowed to buy Actovegin in Canada as well not only in particular region of world.

Where Actovegin is manufactured?

Unfortunately for Canadian citizens, it is not sold in their side of world. Actovegin is sold and manufactured in part of EU and Russia. The manufacturer is Takeda which is a Japanese Pharma giant, they manufacture Actovegin in several locations depending for which region it is intended . They have facilities in Austria and Germany which manufactures products for European market. Additionally there is a relatively new plant in Russia which works for their market.

So where can I in Canada buy Actovegin?

As the tittle of this article sates, it is possible to buy Actovegin in Canada . This is possible because there are several online vendors which does sell these substances. From the facility positions one could figure out that vendors are either from EU or Russia. I would recommend not to use Russian vendors. Why? Because every customs agency on the world will look much more suspicious on Russian packages than European ones and it will take longer to arrive. And lets be frank here, noone is looking for something as harmless as Actovegin in postal packages

What types of Actovegin are there ?

That being said, I will give short explanation on what types of Actovegin products are there.

The most popular is tablets, for some reason they come in bottles and each bottle contains 50 tablets of 200mg active substance. As I hear and from my own experience as well , they are effective if they are used in large doses and in long term.
Then there is several types of Actovegin injections , from 80mg per ampule to 400mg per one injection. Mostly people tend to use tablets, because most of us are not comfortable with needles even if it is more rational and effective. Injections tend to be used for for variety of conditions as well as for recovery after trauma or hard workouts.


Oh, I completely forgot about my friend. At the end I sent him some Actovegin products since I live in the blessed part of EU where these substances are available ( tablets are non prescription). I used regular mail, the package took about 14 days to arrive and there was no problems with customs at all.In conclusion I would like to say that it is possible to ship Actovegin from European Union to Canada safely as well as it is relatively easy to find vendor where you can buy Actovegin from Canada.