Some Olympic athletes use prescription drugs for 'legal doping'

Posted by John Doe 07/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

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Considerable amount  of Olympic athletes take advantage of WADA rules that ban the use of performance enhancing drugs by using medicine commonly known as "legal doping," or using substances which are legally prescribed by doctors  that may improve their execution in games.

At least 100 athletes which were taking part in last Olympic games have tested positive for drug - Meldonium, a heart medicine that improves oxygen metabolism. Meldonium is the substance which tennis star Maria Sharapova was cought using in March of year 2016. She admitted of using it and also noted that she has been using the drug for good 10 years or so.

The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA has banned Meldonium in January of year 2016, thus Maria Sharapova's later admission forbidden her from the Rio Olympics. But surprisingly the more than 100 sportists who tested positive as well for the substance were allowed to compete because substance levels in their blood stream allegedly  were low enough for WADA to leave them alone. This is a good example of the scale of performance enhancing drug usage in big sports.

"If it's not banned, athletes will use it," noted Dr. Evans.

While it is not completely clear exactly how much enhancement athletes get from taking Meldonium with common brand name Mildronate, athletes are continuously experimenting with a variety of prescription and non prescription drugs to get them them that extra mile. One good example is Actovegin which has been excluded not only from WADA banned list but also they do not monitor it. For example they are monitoring caffeine. There is scientific proof that Actovegin has a performance enhancing properties.