Maria's Unstoppable review

Posted by John Doe 08/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

Maria’s Unstoppable is a amazing story which could be seen as a insight in humans potential to be something bigger to be something, to make something out of yourself. Book is not just a picture of hers journey to the top and scandal in the top. It has a depth, depth which cant be described in this small article, one has to read it.

When the big scandal broke out in early 2016 the substance was unknown in most of the countries. This is simply explained by the lack o patents of pharmaceutical giants for this particular medication and at the time had no financial interests to pursue this product. It turned out that Meldonium was given to patients in post-soviet union countries to protect their hearts from damage. Interestingly enough there still is no scientific studies which proved that Meldonium is performance enhancing drug. There are some studies suggesting that it is in fact doping but that’s it, no proof. I think that it remarkable and it suggest that either WADA did not care about the proof or there is some kind of hidden agenda.
The reaction of Wada towards Sharapova was also very weird to say at least. They gave her a maximum length of ban – 4 years, which could have ended her carrier for sure.
It seems that this unfortunate ban did gave her extra motivational and sparked a new tennis fire in her chest and she is shining in tennis courts again.