Povetkin is punching back to Wilder in legal fight with Meldonium origin

Posted by John Doe 11/11/2017 0 Comment(s)


Alexander Povetkin or in short Povetkin or “Sasha” is Russian boxer in professional level and on of his carrer highs was when he held WBA Regular heavyweight title for 2 years from year 2011 to 2013. Now, he has been battling Wilder in arena of U.S. legal court. Wilder in full name Deontay Leshun Wilder is an professional boxer from United States and is the proud holder of WBC heavyweight title since year 2015.

The legal dispute between them, or to be more precise, between their organisations did start after their boxing match was cancelled in May 21 year 2016. It was scheduled to take place in Russia, Moscow but was cancelled because Povetkin’s doping test came back positive for famous Meldonium drug which is widely used by Russian athletes.

Les then a month after this event Wilder and his promoter company sued Povetkin for damages which were consequences of his doping test. Wilders lawyers used several citaions from agreements between two sides which described agreements about potential disruptions of the fight and case if doping test has been positive. The loses are estimated to be in range from 4-6 million US dollars. The dedicated jury early this year concluded that Povetkin used the drug  after it was baned by WADA at start of the year 2016.

On November 9th this year as a reply Povetkin and his allies failed lawsuit against D.L. Wilder and his allies. Povetkin’s side argues that too little time passed since the ban was active in the January 1st year 2017. It could be that Meldonium was taken before the ban. Thus it was not a sufficient reason to cancel the box fight right away. They also argue that WADA allows athletes to participate in the competition if the Meldonium levels are low enough. This was true in Povetkin’s situation. I have to note that WADA was not responsible for this doping tests, it was done by voluntary organisation. Povetkin and his “friends” are suing to recover damages which and additional ten million dollars for bad reputation which was caused by their opponents lawsuit.

Additionally Alexander now stands cleared by WBC not only for his Meldonium doping test but also for his ban of drug Ostarine last December. For this test he got banned from WBC and fined for 250 thousand US dollars. He will be back in WBC rating in coming months. But all this does not mean that he will be get a chance to fight with Wilder any time soon, because Wilder has chance to choose his opponents and also, Alexander should be on top of the rank.