Fair decision by Olympic committee Russia banned from 2018 olympic games

Posted by John Doe 05/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

Russia has been banned from participating in 2018 Winter Olympic games which will be held in Pyeongchang ,South Korea.
But Olympic Committee did made an exclusion for clean athletes which want to participate in Olympics and they can do it by participating under Olympic flag. Taking in account the vast scale of doping practices in Russia and the regular disrespectful operations by Russia has finally caught up with them. 

The IOC announced the decision on Tuesday : HERE

IOC or in other words International Olympic committee in second part of November 2017 did take away the gold from skeleton gold medalist Aleksandr Tretyakov, enabling Latvia to obtain silver and bronze medals. The reason was his doping results. But it did not end there after few weeks; international skeleton committee did no recognize this decision and lifted the ban, sort off. At this point I was afraid that Russian money and scare tactics will win again, but now IOC has made the final decision not only about the last Olympics but also the next, they are not allowed to participate. They are cheats. Some speculated that not only Tretyakov was doping that electronics sensors in track were tempered with. SInce the last and final run was remarkably fast. The results in the upper part of track were worse than his competitor from Latvia, but as he went down the track they suddenly got better dramatically. 

Nevertheless Russia wont be able to participate in next Olympic Games under their own flag. The athletes who would be willing, after passing tight inspection of IOC, would be able to participate in Olympics under neutral flag. This is true nature of Olympic Games.