Unstoppable Maria Sharapova ,Maria s story

Posted by John Doe 29/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

Maria Sharapova was banned for 15 straight months instead of 24 months which was the initial ban for using banned substance Meldonium with most common brand name Mildronate. What she was doing all this time ? She wrote a book! The book is called  “ Unstoppable”  and ever since she has been using it to spin her ban in positive direction.

Don’t think that book is just a scribble, she had very professional help in form of R.Cohen , he has written number of books in variety of topics as rock music and history of nations. While reading “ Unstoppable” his influence is quite evident
Although some part of the book is about her life before WADA ban, large part of the book is about  Meldonium ban and what she had to go through while been suspended, how not to give up and keep living in order to get back in arena which she has done pretty well. I have to say that book is surprisingly compelling and interesting to read.

The compelling and surprising part of the book is how she grew up and got to be a star. Unlike most of tennis stars, she was not rich and she did not the same opportunities as other players. Her father Yuri saw talent in her in early age and made a decision to move to US where he had no conatacts in tennis world. They get by training secretaly in private courts and also were dependent on kindness of strangers. The single set of clothes and cheap racket from Minsk could be the reason she has been so 
successful in the tennis she came form nothing and rise to the top with ruthless self drive.

She has a lot of very impressive achievements but on of the most impressive most definitely was winning Wimbledon
as the 3rd youngest women in history who has done this incredible achievement.
The book is full of psychological aspects which is quite logical since the sports is not just about your strength and stamina but in large part also about athletes psychological strength, the ability to outsmart , out last your opponent and about much more.