The inventor of Meldonium comes up with new drug

Posted by John Doe 14/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

The inventor and scientist Ivars Kalvins who invented world-wide known substance Meldonium and mostly known by brand name Mildronate is still active in field of organic synthesis and recently have made announcement that he and his team have come up with new medicine.

 Ivars Kalvins with his team has discovered allegedly revolutionary new medicine for treating consequences of alcoholism. The new product is called FACCEX® and is exclusively manufactured in Latvia. FACCEX is defined as nutrient supplement and contains unique formula which positively acts on livers, helps with physical wellbeing. These effects helps patient to stop using alcoholic beverages and start recovering from this degrading addiction and improves the overall life quality.

When professor Kalvins was asked what the motivation to create such drug was, he replied that our society is very oriented on alcohol consumption and therefore we have a lot of people with alcohol addiction. There are a lot of factors behind this problem, one of them could be the bad Soviet Union heritage, in times of occupation alcohol consumption was wide spread but nowadays it is popularised by social media and society as a whole. All this motivated the man behind Meldonium to help society by creating preparation which ca help to shake off this destructive addiction.

He has also noted that there is no need for large scale marketing operation in order to sell the product. He is confident that the word will spread among the consumers as it was in case of Meldonium - people spread the word about the good and useful properties of Mildronate.