Meldonium MILDRONATE® 500mg 10 capsules (Get to know us product)

New Meldonium  MILDRONATE® 500mg 10 capsules (Get to know us product)

We understand that it could be hard to trust online pharmacies, thus we offer our customers this sample product .


What is Meldonium Mildronate ?


The active substance in Mildronate is Meldonium dehydrate . Meldonium positively affects oxygen metabolism of human organism and mildly activates central nervous system. these two effects combined means that Meldonium often increases energy levels and enhances performance in sports and every day life.


Meldonium improves:


  • Energy levels
  • Memory
  • Thought process
  • Movement and agility
  • Health of hearth
  • Recovery process after workouts 

When Meldonium is used?


  • Athletes use it to improve their stamina, enhance oxygen metabolism , speed up recovery process , increase performance.
  • It is used to help recover from various heart conditions.In recovery period after cerebrovascular illness, head trauma and encephalitis.
  • Lowered work ability, physical and psycho-emotional overload.


The science behind MELDONIUM

When organism is physically active Mildronate by Grindeks restores oxygen supply and restores balance of oxygen consumption in cells, it activates metabolism processes which leads to oxygen less oxygen consumption while producing energy. Usually under intense physical activity organism gets tired fast, but if Mildronate-Grindeks is consumed ,organism gets used to physical activity , it economically uses oxygen and rapidly renews energy reserves. Meldonium Mildronate increase speed of nerve impulses in organism by undertaking functions of gammabutyrobetain , thus all the corresponding reactions and impulses in organism becomes faster which leads to faster metabolism. That’s why consumption of Meldonium Mildronate leads to patients feeling more energised and athletes improve their performance.


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