Neurorubine ampoules,vitmain B complex, B vitamin liquid, B vitamin injection

Neurorubine ampoules N10 3ml

Neurorubine ampoules N10 3ml

What is Neurorubine?

Neurorubine - a combination of 3 vitamins in high doses: B1, B6, B12, which play an important role in the nervous system. Each of them is required for optimal metabolism of the nerve cells


When Neurorubine is used?

Treating consequences of alcoholism or diabetes

Acute and chronic nerve damage like trigeminal nerve inflammation and other.

When used in large doses analgesics effect is observed.

Every 3ml Neurorubine ampoule contains:

100mg vitamin B1, Thiamini hydrochloridum

100mg vitamin B6, Pyridoxini hydrochloridum

1mg  vitamin B12, Cyanocobalaminum

Other components: potassium cyanide, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, NaCl solution


How to use Neurorubine ampoules 3ml ?

By intramuscular injection. In severe cases it is recommended to use 3ml once a day, after a while maintain the same dosage and use 1-2 a week.

In normal circumstances use one ampule (3ml) once or twice a week. It is recommended to make injection deeply in to upper outside quadrant of sciatic muscle (bottom).


In case of overdose immediately consult your doctor!

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