Payment methods


We want our customers to feel comfortable and develop a good, trusting bussines relationship. That's why we offer PayPal payment option for first time customers, but the preferred method of payment is bank transfer.


Payment Methods:


1. PayPal payment


·       After the customer places an order, we process the order manually and send a PayPal invoice

·       Please note that due to PayPal regulations we can not write  ‘’medicine’’, so we write somehing else like electronics and other products. Nevertheless, PayPal protection will continue to work.

·       PayPal payments have a surcharge of 5-10%

·       Only regular  and EMS shipping is available


2. Bank transfer to German bank account.


·       This is the preferred method and there is no extra charge.

·       After the customer has placed an order, we process the order manually and send the transfer details

·       UPS and other shipping methods are available


3. Other methods


·       Moneygram

·       Western Union

·        Credit card

·       Offer your choice


4. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies