Ladasten 50mg/50 tablets

Ladasten 50mg/50 tablets

New Ladasten 50mg/50 tablets

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WADA prohibited under section S6,stimulants

LADASTEN® (aka Bromantan, Bromantane) - is a highly effective antiasthenic drug, which has positive influence on physical and mental performance. It provides activating, anxiolytic, immunostimulating and actoprotective effects. Ladasten is used to treat asthenic, anxious-asthenic disorders and neurasthenia. It increases learning ability and memory, boosts immune system and improves endurance and work capacity during stressful and intense conditions. Ladasten is quite the unique drug because it is non-exhaustive (it doesn't increase oxygen consumption) and it acts as a stimulant and as an anxiolytic (mental relaxant).

Reduces anxiety
Boosts immune system
Improves learning and memoryr
Increases muscle mass and strength
Reduces overheating and helps protect against hyperthermia

Ladasten is an adamantane derivative. Its mechanism of action is connected to increased release of dopamine from presynaptic terminals, blockade of dopamine reuptake and biosynthesis strengthening, caused by expression of tyrosine-hydroxylase gene, as well as its modulatory action on the GABA-benzodiazepine-hlorionoformic receptor complex, eliminating reduction benzodiazepine reception, developing at stress. Ladasten increases GABA-ergic mediation by reducing gene expression, supervising synthesis GABA-transporters, carrying out mediator reuptake. 
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One pack contains 50 pills of 50mg each.
Two dose options:
(1) 50mg a day (1 pill) one in the morning (before or after food). Period of intake 4 weeks.
(2) 100mg a day (2 pills) on in the morning and one after lunch time (before or after food). Period of intake 2-4 weeks.
Ladasten is considered to be car driving safe. Can be consumed with alcohol. Blood pressure not affected.

WADA status

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