For FIRST TIME customers : 

  • Preferred payment method is PayPal. Most of our first time customers chose PayPal because they feel more comfortable since PayPal guarantees refund whatever the product and business .PayPal payment is made after the order is made. After the order is made, you will receive PayPal invoice to your email . Note that the orders are processed manually thus it takes some time to send out the invoice.PayPal invoice could be paid with any credit card! PayPal payments are surcharged from 5-15%, amount depends on order total. 
  • Bitcoins are the cheapest way to buy at our store, no surcharge is credited
  • If customer contacts us and wants to pay with direct credit card payment, in most cases after some part of customers information is verified, we grant this option.


For LOYAL customers who had already bought from us ( including Ebay) .

  • DIRECT credit card payments via any credit/debit card. Free of surcharge.
  • Bank transfers

For more information please contact us [email protected]