Actovegin 80mg/2ml shots (ampoules) N25

New Actovegin 80mg/2ml shots (ampoules) N25

What is Actovegin?

Actovegin is a preparation containing low molecular weight peptides and amino acid derivatives. Each Tablet contains 200 mg hemoderivative deproteinized calf blood. Actovegin is WADA legal, it is not considered a doping and is widely used by athletes.

Actovegin improves:

·         Memory

·         Energy levels

·         Wound healing

·         Oxygen utilization

When Actovegin is used?

  1. Athletes use it to improve their stamina and muscle healing, after hard workouts
  2. It is used to help recover from various conditions related to blood circulation of brain.
  3. Recovery from burns 

The science behind Actovegin

At the molecular level Actovegin increases oxygen utilization and consumption (increases resistance to hypoxia), increases energy metabolism and glucose uptake.

It stimulates glucose transport to the brain cells, possesses insulin-like action, increases intra-cellular amount of glucose and improves oxidative metabolism.

Actovegin improves oxygen utilization and nutrient intake promotes cellular level. Such processes are favored requiring more oxygen, such as wound healing, it also increases blood supply to the ischemic tissue areas.

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