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Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) GEL/JELLY New 2-3 Days

Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) GEL/JELLY

Actovegin and Solcoseryl are the same product with the same active substance- calfs blood’s haemod..

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Actovegin 400mg 10ml shots (ampoules) N5 New

Actovegin 400mg 10ml shots (ampoules) N5

What is Actovegin?Actovegin is a preparation containing low molecular weight peptides and amino..

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Actovegin 80mg/2ml shots (ampoules) N25

What is Actovegin?Actovegin is a preparation containing low molecular weight peptides and amino..

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Actovegin injections (ampoules) 200mg 5ml N5

What is Actovegin injections? Actovegin injections consists of actovegin solution which is ..

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Actovegin Tablets 200mg 50 tablets New

Actovegin Tablets 200mg 50 tablets

What is Actovegin Forte tablets and what is it used for?Actovegin Forte is a protein-free extract o..

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You can buy Actovegin tablets or buy Actovegin injections in ampules. Actovegin is popular substance among athletes, in every day use and in variety of conditions. It is manufactured in Europe and Russia and is distributed only in part of Europe and customers from rest of the world can order it online, and get it shipped to their doorstep safely. Actovegin is a calf blood extract which is filtered over and over again, which makes substance with well known positive characteristics. It  enhances cell metabolism , this is the property which allows muscles to heal faster and perform better, thus athletes use it as legal doping for after workout and as performance enhancer (PED). It currently is allowed by most athletic agencies who control doping . It is allowed to be used by athletes with amount restrictions.Ampules comes in different types from 80 to 400mg per one ampoule ( injection).

Clinical efficacy and safety of Actovegin

Actovegin is a medication used to treat cognitive impairment, cerebral circulatory disorders, dementia, and peripheral blood flow disorders. Multiple small randomized clinical trials have shown Actovegin's efficacy compared to placebo in improving cognitive function, daily activity, and overall clinical response for patients with dementia and dementia-related disorders. In a 12-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Actovegin was found to significantly improve cognitive function and reduce the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in patients who developed cognitive impairment after stroke. However, the incidence of recurrent ischemic stroke was higher in the Actovegin group compared to the placebo group.

For patients with peripheral arterial and circulatory disorders, Actovegin infusion was found to provide short-term benefits compared to placebo in terms of distance walked. In a trial of patients with extensive venous shin ulcers, Actovegin was found to reduce healing time and pain scores compared to standard treatment alone.

Actovegin has also been studied in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy and was found to significantly improve distance walked, nerve conduction velocity, and pain sensitivity compared to placebo. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, Actovegin was superior to placebo in reducing the Total Symptom Score for patients with type 2 diabetes and symptomatic diabetic distal polyneuropathy. Adverse events were not significantly different between treatment and control groups.

How does Actovegin work?

Actovegin has three primary ways in which it works: metabolic, neuroprotective, and microcirculatory effects. The inositol phospho-oligosaccharides (IFO) found in Actovegin improve the utilization and fixation of oxygen, energy metabolism, and glucose fixation, which can have potential benefits in tissues and organs such as the brain, which may have suffered injury from trauma or stroke, and can also help to reduce the formation of lactate.

The neuroprotective effects of Actovegin are mediated through multiple pathways. For instance, it reduces the apoptosis of amyloid beta peptides (Aß25-35), which are known to induce various molecular and cellular pathways, including oxidative stress and inflammation that can cause nerve cell death and cognitive impairment. Actovegin also activates a reporter gene for NF-KB expression in a dose-dependent manner, which may explain, to some extent, the neuroprotective properties of Actovegin. Additionally, Actovegin reduces PARP activity, leading to improved central and peripheral nervous system function and morphology.

Finally, Actovegin has been found to have positive effects on microcirculation by increasing capillary blood flow velocity, reducing pericapillary area and myogenic tone of precapillary arterioles and capillary sphincters, shunting of blood flow from arterioles to venules, directing blood flow mainly into the capillary bed, and enhancing microvascular endothelial oxide synthase function. Studies in animals and humans have shown that Actovegin's onset of action occurs 30 minutes after administration, and its maximum effect is reached 2-6 hours after parenteral or oral administration.