Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) cream

New Actovegin ( Solcoseryl) cream

Actovegin and Solcoseryl are the same product with the same active substance- calfs blood’s haemodialysate

Solcoseryl ( Actovegin ) cream is used for treating

·        Ulcers of different origin,

·        Trophic injuries,

·        Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

·        Burns, including chemical,

·        Prevention and treatment of radiation skin lesions, mucous membranes and nervous tissue,

·        Extensive wound surface (regardless of origin)


1 g of Solcoseryl (Actovegin)  gell compostion:

·        8,30 mg of protein-free calfs bloods haemodialysate

·        1.73 mg Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate ( e218)

·        0.27 mgPropyl-p-hydroxybenzoate ( e216)

Instructions of use:

Adults and children: apply a thin layer of Solcoseryl gel 2 times a day. Before application, blot wound discharge with clean gauze or disinfectant solution. Solcoseryl gel is non-greasy and can be washed off with water. Duration of treatment: until new skin tissue begins to form.


MEDA Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


 Solcoseryl (Actovegin) gel contains parahydroxybenzoates (E 216 and E 218) as preservatives, which may cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).

Solcoseryl gel also contains propylene glycol, which may cause skin irritation. This medicine contains 400 mg propylene glycol in 20 g of gel.

Solcoseryl ointment contains cetyl alcohol, which may cause local skin reactions (e.g. contact dermatitis).

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